We offer experiences that inspire breakthroughs.


Through a mix of physical and awareness-building activities, Practice.Place helps individuals find openings, teams build trust, improve communication, find shared purpose, codify accountability and produce better results.  Our approach starts with listening to you and looking carefully for pain points that may be blocking your organization from achieving its potential.

  Reality is determined by perspectives .

Reality is determined by perspectives.


Practice.Place is designed for opening up people so we can open up possibilities.  Sessions can include strategic planning, Theory of Change process, team building, organization development and transformation.  We can work in your living room, your conference room, at an offsite location of your choosing or our retreat spaces, indoors and outside.


Then we design custom retreats that can happen on site in your organization or off site in Northern California. 

Each of us looks at the world through a different lens.  Viewpoints are important.  The challenge is to tolerate and accept them when they are contrary to yours or different from what you expect.

The key to building trust in a team is to allow and accept the viewpoints of others.  Trust is the fundamental building block of every relationship.  Once you have that, you can work on open, honest communication as well as shared purpose and vision. 

The deeper you get and the more real you make it, the easier it becomes to hold people accountable and produce the results everyone wants and needs.